Hans Lippershey
Hans Lippershey
"...claims to have a certain device by means of which all things at a very great distance can be seen as if they were nearby, by looking through glasses which he claims to be a new invention." more info

Enter Planetarium

last updated: 25th December 2006

Enter Planetarium v2.0

last updated: 11th November 2008


While learning Silverlight 2.0 I decided to use Lippershey Stargazer as the learning project... check it out

Due to script kiddies the entire SQL backend was taken out for all the customers with my web hosting company. Reloaded Bright Star Catalogue, however the other two will remained disabled. Planets have now also been re-enabled. :)

Unfortunately PHP/MYSQL performance on my current host is not up to stratch to restore full working state (what do I expect for £20/year). Therefore only basic 'Bright Star Catalogue is available.


  • Use of AllSky catalog gives decreased performance, due to 2.5 million stars database. Image creation may take anything up to 10 seconds based on zoom level
  • Interface seems to lag after every user input, press reload after each change - will try and fix
  • hmmmm...